Dead man in Nakuru where his convoy stalled

A dead man named Richard Ogendi, was taken to Simon Waweru well known as Baba Martin in Bondeni, Nakuru, who owed the deceased Sh 400,000. The car stalled at the door of Baba Martin's business when they were heading for burial.


The family was forced to drop the dead body and take it to Baba Martin for payment before proceeding with the burial arrangements.


The deceased man -Richard - convoy haulted just few metres to a mans' business who is said to owe the dead sh 400, 000 after undertaken merry go round with him.


According to locals, Baba Martin has been duping villagers and escaping with money. The family now wants Baba Martin to pay his debt before they take the dead man to the burial site.


However, police intervened and took the family to record a statement.


" Tulipofika hapa na msafara, magari yote yalizima. Tukaleta fundi lakini hakuweza kutengeneza. Lakini mmoja wetu akasema huyu maiti alikua anadai laki nne kwa hilo duka hapo karibu la baba martin, " the deceased brother said.


" Tukashukisha mwili na magari ikanguruma. Tuliweka mwili hapo mpaka atakapolipa hilo deni tukazike kwa amani, " he added.


Police have launched a manhunt for Baba Martin, who escaped after the events in his business.



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