Chruch in Tana River county

On Tuesday, February 14, 2023, a lady in Hurara village, located in Tana River county, stunned her in-laws when she returned a bride price that had been given to her parents 24 years ago.

Once the woman, who was a parent of three children and was wedded to a preacher, repaid the amount of Ksh47,000 that had been spent on her dowry discussions, she left her husband and their terrible marriage.

She said that her husband was a violent preacher who often attacked her over petty disagreements, and that this was her story.

As she continued her exposition, she divulged that her once-happy marriage had gone sour only two years after the couple had tied the knot.

She brought up the fact that he planned to humiliate her and be abusive toward her in front of the audience when he was speaking in church, and on top of that, their marital problems would be the primary focus of the whole sermon.

When she actually faced her husband's parents about their son's behavior toward her, her in-laws would continually tell her that they paid to have her and that she must keep on going through the difficulties that happened to come with the marriage.

It was pointless to try to convince them of the errors committed by their son since all they would do is beg her to continue fasting for her spouse to change his behavior.

"I told my mother-in-law more about abusive behavior, and she started reminding me that the husband was obligated to perform what he preferred, and adding that she advised me to wait patiently for him to change," she told a local publication.

As a consequence of this, she devised a plan on how to get out of her marriage, which had become unhappy. She stated that she had begun saving for her down payment the previous year.

Her ambitions, however, were derailed when her violent husband discovered the money and stole it. This caused her to rethink her options.

She was adamant on taking her kids with her, so she rethought her savings strategy and came up with a way to ultimately amass the necessary funds so that she could repay her in-laws.

I called several of the older people who had previously acted as mediators in our conflicts.

"They thought it was a normal operation until I put the money on the table and told them I was leaving and didn't want my parents to be upset because the debt was completely paid off," she explained.


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