nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba
Senator Gloria Orwoba

Drama was observed in Parliament on Tuesday when nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba was expelled from a Senate plenary meeting for donning what seemed to be dirty clothing.

Senator Orwoba had arrived at the meeting wearing a white blazer, a green blouse, and a pair of matching white pants that seemed to have a pink stain.

A fellow nominated senator, Tabitha Mutinda, brought up the issue on the House floor as a point of order and asked Speaker Amason Kingi for guidance on the dress code.

Senator Mutinda called Orwoba's attire "unacceptable" and "indecent," even asserting that she was upset as a fellow woman by the way she was dressed.

In reference to the dress code, she stated, "I stand in need of clarification on Speaker's Rule No. 5 and I need to seek counsel as to whether Senator Gloria is suitably dressed for the House."

"As a woman and a senator, I find it extremely uncomfortable and improper for our colleague Senator Gloria to come in, and it is so obscene because you can't tell whether she is really on her period or if she is just pretending to be. 

nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba

"As a woman, I find it upsetting how our younger generation perceives us when they see how we conduct ourselves as leaders in this House. There is a better way to make this clear," she said.

Ledama ole Kina of Narok and Senator Enoch Wambua of Kitui concurred with Ms. Mutinda's views, stating that Ms. Orwoba should have, at the very least, concealed herself after realizing she was on her period, as she claimed.

"We have wives and kids, and they go through these cycles, but it's something that has to be handled privately without disclosing it to others. It is a humiliation and a great deal of humiliation for this House what Senator Gloria has done. Wambua said, "This must not be allowed to happen."

nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba

Senator Ole Kina even went so far as to claim that Ms. Orwoba was putting on a show to prove a point rather than genuinely having her period.

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