President William Ruto on Valentines day prayers
President William Ruto

On February 14, Valentine's Day, President William Ruto has asked Kenyans to gather at the Nyayo National Stadium for worship.


Sunday, at a church service in Nakuru County, President Ruto talked about food security. He said that his government had "done whatever" it could to lessen the effects of hunger in some parts of the country.

"Nataka niwaombe, mmesikia kuhusu maombi ya Jumanne, tarehe kumi na nne. Nawaomba watu wote, wa dini zote, katika taifa letu la Kenya, tukiwa mahali popote na wale wataweza kukuja Nyayo Stadium ili tuweze kuombea taifa letu hasa katika shida hii ya njaa na ukame ndio Mungu atupatie mvua.

"Nawaomba Wakenya ambao hawataweza kufika kule Nyayo tuwe na ibada mahali popote, kanisa zote, dini zote na pande zote ili tuombee taifa letu Mungu atupatie mvua.

He told Kenyans to pray for rain by talking about some of the things he had done in his first few days in office, like lowering the prices of seeds and fertilizer.

President Ruto said that his government is getting ready to start water collection projects and build dams, but that farmers will still need rain.

President William Ruto on Valentines day prayers
President William Ruto.

He then said that everyone in the country had to pray to God if it was going to rain, which was needed for the food production plan to work.

Reactions on social media to Ruto's request about Valentine's DayKenya is having economic problems like many other countries around the world, and many different people have responded to Ruto's call.

Some people have embraced the concept, while others have retaliated against the head of state.

"There are too many ways to pray. He should maybe spend more time brainstorming economic improvement plans with advisors. " In a tweet, Mike Kim.

The prayers should in fact start on February 13, 2023, according to a subsequent tweet that backed President Ruto.

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