Paula Kajala and Rayvanny are back together
Paula Kajala and Rayvanny

Paula Kajala, a Tanzanian celebrity and businesswoman, appears to have provided evidence supporting Rayvanny's hypothesis that the two former partners had put their differences aside and reconciled their relationship.

Paula posted a video to TikTok, smiling and elegantly twirling her hair.

In the video's description, she included Rayvanny's name, with emojis for a heart shape, eyes, and a star.

The sound effect she chose to employ for the TikTok video brought attention.

In the recording, she gets excited over her future spouse and asks her boyfriend where he is.

Paula Kajala and Rayvanny are back together

"My betrothed, my heart, and the one who will soon be my husband."

"Where are you, my little one?" The sound becomes less audible.

The fact that such an event occurred has given rise to rumours that the two are getting back together and that this is their method of notifying the audience before they present themselves together.

Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa, better known by his stage name of Rayvanny, is a bongo musician who has won several awards. 

Two days ago, he surprised his fans by dropping clues about the possibility of a reconciliation with Paula Kajala, an ex-girlfriend of his.

On Saturday night, the musician known for the famous song "Nitongeze" used his Instagram profile to publish a snapshot of Paula Kajala, which caused many of his more than 8.9 million followers to raise their heads.

The fact that the celebrity had added four heart emojis to the snapshot she had posted is a strong indicator that the singer is still in love with Paula.

Rayvanny published the message on his Facebook page, making it quite apparent that he wants everyone on the internet to know that he has won back his ex-girlfriend.

After breaking up with Paula Kajala in September 2022, Rayvanny used the opportunity of a performance he was doing in Sumbawanga to let his followers understand that he is now not in a partnership with anybody.

Paula Kajala and Rayvanny are back together

"Don't let love confuse you; don't compare love to food. I made peace with my emotions. I stopped my affair with Paula."

The singer exposed more from his former employer Diamond Platnumz and his supposed girlfriend and his signee Zuchu.  Rayvanny was detailing his troubles with love. 

Zuchu is a signee to Diamond Platnumz's label.

On Valentine's Day (2022), Rayvanny and Paula made the news of their romance public. Nevertheless, they ended up breaking up after just seven months of dating.

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