Makau Mutua, a spokesman for Azimio La Umoja One Kenya
Makau Mutua.

Makau Mutua, a spokesman for Azimio La Umoja One Kenya, has explained why retiring President Uhuru Kenyatta supported Raila Odinga's failed presidential run in the just-concluded national elections.

In order to help Odinga win the State House in the general election of 2022, the "system," according to Mutua, was not working with Kenyatta.

A few months before the election, a spokesperson for the Azimio alliance said that President Kenyatta had been tricked by the people he had trusted to help him put in place his chosen successor.

"So many individuals surrounding Mr. Kenyatta deceived him." Kenyatta supported Odinga's candidacy, "but in my opinion, he lacked the necessary connections to the system," he remarked.

The experienced lawyer thought that the political fight between President Kenyatta and his deputy at the time, William Ruto, had hurt President Kenyatta.

He claimed that the political disputes between President Ruto and the departing President Kenyatta a month before the 2022 elections hurt Odinga's chances of winning.

Mutua said, "I think what we know now is that Mr. Ruto really was in charge of and ran the most dangerous parts of the state and the biggest parts of the state."

Mutua said that the chances of the former prime minister winning were lower because he couldn't "capture" the Supreme Court and the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

In spite of the Cherera Four supporting Odinga in the push and pull inside the electoral body, he said that President Ruto may have outsmarted him by seizing control of the electoral body.

The Azimio Spokesperson said that "the IEBC apparatus and its infrastructure were in Mr. Ruto's hands, and I believe the true powers that be inside the IEBC and other parts of the state were able to interfere with the elections."

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