Single Kiasi series cast on Maisha Magic plus

After watching The 15 Seconds Man, Single Kiasi telenovela on Maisha Magic has more interesting episodes you should not miss.

Sintamei is the only one of Single Kiasi's characters that can travel to other locations. The woman's professional life as a talented lawyer at a top company is very different from her personal life, which is pretty bad.

She was presented as a lady at the top of the professional game who is undeterred by the guys who repeatedly undercut her in the first season.

She was presented as a lady at the top of the professional game who is undeterred by the guys who repeatedly undercut her in the first season.

The subsequent events in her life were precipitated by her husband's decision to marry another woman and petition for divorce from her.

As she believed her life was completely falling apart, her employer surprised her with a proposition that included a catch. Nonetheless, she accepted the deal.

If she consented to join him for a "celebratory dinner," he would make good on his pledge to elevate her to the position of managing partner in the company.

Single Kiasi series cast on Maisha Magic plus

Rebecca and Mariah, two of her closest friends, were going through challenges of their own simultaneously.

As Rebecca's husband, Eric, declined to discuss the payment conditions of the rental obligations, the caretaker went through Rebecca's home and took her belongings since the couple was behind on their rent. Instead, he came to the conclusion that the money would be better spent on his current lover, Melissa.

Mariah, on the other hand, was keeping herself busy by seeking a new partner after the breakup with her sugar daddy, J.K.

She scrolled through the contacts on her phone, identified individuals with whom she had been romantically involved in the past, and made attempts to reignite their passion. Her misfortune was that the vast majority, if not all, of them had either progressed or moved on.

Mariah and the other females have come to the conclusion that the best way to get away from their present problems is to go out partying and drown their emotions in drink. Becky fell head over heels in love with Nick, a TV star and the most eligible bachelor in the city, when she was there.

Would the fact that her husband is seeing another woman make her more susceptible to temptation? Sintamei has been invited out on a date with her employer. Will Mariah be able to locate a new sugar daddy to take care of her financial needs?

Single Kiasi cast background

Sintamei | Marital Status: Separated

Sintamei is a brilliant lawyer who has been happily married to the man of her dreams, Kevin, for ten years. Or so she thought. After discovering that she was unable to conceive, Kevin chose to marry a second wife without telling her.

 Rebecca's marital status is: married

She is a down-to-earth mother of two who strives to be the best mother she can be. She settled down with her high school sweetheart, Eric, though they are not legally married. Even though Eric works, he does not financially support her. She later discovers that they are in deep financial trouble.


Mariah | Relationship status: Difficult to explain

Mariah is a sassy woman who appreciates the finer things in life. Mariah is dating J. K., a wealthy sugar daddy who enjoys spoiling her whenever the opportunity arises. Although Mariah pretends that all she only wants is his money, deep down, she desires more and will never admit it to anyone, let alone herself.

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