Kenyan gospel artist Daddy Owen has responded angrily after Instagram removed his most recent LGBTQ post because it was deemed "offensive" and violated the platform's content policy.

Daddy Owen has vowed to take Instagram to court.

Daddy Owen had criticised the Supreme Court in the post for supporting the LGBTQ community in their right to the association after the NGOs board had turned down their registration.

Daddy Owen's criticisms were directed towards the Supreme Court's decision.

The Vanity Fair hitmaker preserved that acknowledging the LGBTQ movement is the same as identifying terrorists and bandits.

Stop forcing LGBTQ  on our throats

Vanity Fair was one of their most successful singles.

While quoting scripture, the singer also mentioned that relationships between people of the same gender identity are an abomination.

He incorporated the idea that Kenya should not give in to Western expectations in an attempt to make a last-ditch effort to obtain visas.

According to what Daddy Owen said in his commentary on Leviticus 18:22, "You must not lie with a guy as with a woman; it is an abomination."

After that, Instagram removed the post from its platform.

According to Instagram's statement, a portion of the offending image states, "Your post violates our community rules on hate speech or symbols."

Daddy Owen had gone so far as to say that the LGBTQ campaign is a grand plan with a government discourse.

He also added that people's pedophilic tendencies and interests should not be crammed down their throats.

The approach of the LGBTQ movement is driven by a political objective.

The mission is founded not on the biological truths and realities of the world but rather on personal tastes and sentiments that are then translated into "rights."

The artist's response was, "The LGBTQ community cries about freedom of expression, but they are so eager to knock down my post."

"Gay inclinations and choices should not be rammed down our throats!

In another section of his writing, he said, "We admonish it in the same manner that the Bible condemns any other sin."

Only a few days ago, in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision, Daddy Owen voiced his opposition to the rule that LGBTQ+ members be required to register.


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