Raila Odinga Jeevanjee demands giving 14 days ultimatum
Raila Odinga at Jeevanjee prayers.

Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio, has given President William Ruto's government 14 days to meet Jeevanjee's demands, or else there will be direct protests.

Odinga addressed the crowd at the prayer event that took place on Wednesday and emphasised that all they want is democratic legitimacy.

"We have travelled all this way in search of the truth and to uphold justice." "We hope that this will be entrenched in the foundations of our nation," he stated. 

"We hope that this will be entrenched in the foundations of our nation," he stated. "We are searchers and champions of legislative justice, social justice, fairness, and equality."

Raila made it clear that the administration of President William Ruto must act quickly to meet his request that prices for essential goods and levies be lowered.

Raila Odinga Jeevanjee demands giving 14 days ultimatum

He warned that if this request isn't met, there will be protests against the administration.

"We've spoken about the growing expense of essential goods like Unga, power, petrol, sugar, and milk, among many others, for a much too long time."

Raila said, "We have been complaining about the rise in taxes, and we have talked about how young people can't afford their school fees."

It was imprudent and inhumane of them to cut incentives for food and education amid a drought and famine.

Raila says, "As a direct result, the subsidies must be brought back, and the prices of essential goods and taxes must go down within the next 14 days."

The ODM leader also insisted that IEBC's server be made public and that a reputable company be hired to do the audit.

He said that in the event the strategy was unsuccessful, "we will lead the people to restore their power and voice."

He also said that the IEBC's reshaping should stop and that a group of people from both parties should be put in charge of reshaping the democratic body in a professional way that ends its one-sided ways of working. He also stated that the reorganisation of the IEBC must take place as soon as possible.

Raila Odinga Jeevanjee demands giving 14 days ultimatum

Raila made the following statement: "If these requirements are not addressed within the next fourteen days, we will lead Kenyans into mass action throughout the nation to take their power back and restore their country."

Azimio la Umoja and the One Kenya Coalition warned that if the leadership does not respond to the proposals they presented at Jevanjee Gardens in Nairobi, they will lead a popular movement across the country.

During his speech to the large group of people at the prayer rally, Raila gave the Kenya Kwanza government 14 days to lower taxes and bring down the very high cost of living.

Taking away subsidies for food and education in the middle of a drought and famine was both stupid and cruel.

According to what he said, "as a direct result, the subsidies need to be reinstated, and the cost of essential goods and taxes need to come down within the next 14 days."

He was talking to the crowd of Kenyans who had come to the event with empty plates, forks, and "Sufurias" to show how much it costs to live in their country.

He said that if the servers were not accessible and examined by a credible company or group, then people would be led to retake their power and voice.

He also said that "the ongoing process of reassembling the IEBC must stop right away."

"A task group made up of people from both parties must be set up to stop the IEBC's totalitarian procedures through reform."

Raila, who has been travelling the nation to spread his message of denying the results of the election, has requested that Azimio's requests get a response within the next two weeks.

Raila was accompanied by several prominent politicians, including the leader of the Narc party, Martha Karua; the leader of the Wiper party, Kalonzo Musyoka; the former secretary of defence, Eugene Wamalwa; the former governor of Kakamega, Wycliffe Oparanya; and the leader of the Roots party, George Wajackoya.

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