The Last of Us a new HBO drama adapts the complex tale for a fresh generation by Neil Druckmann
The Last of Us, new HBO drama ~ Getty

In "The Last of Us," a father saves his adolescent daughter in a post-apocalyptic universe. A new HBO drama adapts the complex tale for a fresh generation.

"The Last of Us" creator, scriptwriter, and executive producer Neil Druckmann literally cannot believe it's HBO's second-most-viewed series debut in almost a decade.

Druckmann stated he was expecting a piano to fall on him.

"The Last of Us" includes an engaging plot that Druckmann says sets it apart from other video games and has attracted binge-watching enthusiasts worldwide.

"A game may include a book." Druckmann claimed a game may include a movie.

Merle Dandridge reprises her role from the 2013 video game as rebel group commander Marlene in the series.

She stated that she never imagined the development's long-term consequences when she joined.

Dandridge believes the show will get more people interested in video game narrative.

"I hope this will change attitudes toward video games." "And this, I believe, is a huge indication of the ether, of the spirit of the times," she remarked.

"Video Game Narration: What Every Developer Should Understand about Narrative Approaches" author Evan Skolnick leads the University of Silicon Valley's game-writing curriculum, which emphasizes narrative.

He said that although most gamers focus on game play, the plot might help the game succeed.

Video games are a massive business with three billion gamers. Hollywood is adapting more games into movies and shows due to their attractiveness.

"Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" has been successful. "Halo," based on a military science fiction game, was Paramount+'s most-watched program last year. CBS News owns Paramount Plus.

Yet, cinematic adaptations of "Mortal Kombat" and "Assassin's Creed" have flopped.

Druckmann feels that translating a video game into a TV series or movie requires an awareness of how various media have distinct strengths and shortcomings.

Because of this, Druckmann indicated that certain components of the game might have to be adjusted, but it is crucial to stay faithful to the original plot to thank the enthusiastic fan base that has supported the game for years.

"We're retelling the game's tale." "And occasionally we'll detour and go on these tangents," he remarked.

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