Flashy Lifestyle of Mike Sonko
Mike Sonko

Netizens ask Mike Sonko to invest in film, asking him to produce a series showing how the government works with his flashy lifestyle.


Kenyans urged Mike Sonko to start the series, showing how post-election 2007-2008 happened and how they bought cars and burned them, as he earlier revealed.


The drama that ensued at Voi during his dramatic arrest and the romance between him and Anne Kananu that resulted in a bitter fight led to the birth of Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS).


The dramatic arrests that he encountered during former President Uhuru's era are actually a series of more than 100 episodes.


Sonko refuted dining with the cartels in Nairobi, and his association with President William Ruto in the background ended up ending his tenure as Nairobi Governor.


Kenyans could not forget the famous screenshots and voice recordings of a woman at City Hall. Sonko's new-found love for the "record" button led to the exposure of city hall background deals.


People believe Mike Sonko has not exhausted his gallery on the cloud, and a series could be entertaining as well as giving him money to help people as he usually does.

Others predict that the series will be action-packed and romantic, similar to El Chaco.

"Private detective Jane Mugo waded into the exposé video involving former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and his alleged lover, Mary Nkatha," was among popular headlines during his erratic behavior.


Sonko fans claimed that he must discontinue social media "exposés," which have become known among Kenyans as the "Sonko Leaks," and display them live.


In a flashback, Sonko leaked videos of a woman named Merry Nkatha spilling the beans on alleged graft schemes involving Nairobi Governor Ann Kananu, lawyer Cecil Miller, and High Court Judge Said Chitembwe.


What will be the title of the series? Fans can help by coming up with ideas.


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