Body of Wanjiku Karanja found
 Body of Wanjiku Karanja found.

The security forces found two loaves of bread and a variety of fruits and vegetables in the village of Theta River Wamuguthoko in Gatundu South, Kiambu County, where the body of Wanjiku Karanja was found earlier today.

The vegetables that were retrieved included carrots and a few potatoes.

It is believed that the lady, who was in her middle years, was returning home from Gatundu town, where she had been employed, when she was attacked and hacked many times in the chest and extremities.

It is thought that Wanjiku was on his way home on a motorcycle on Sunday evening around the time the event occurred, which was somewhere around 9:30 p.m.

Kariuki Kibathi, a local elder, claims that Wanjiku's body was discovered by a member of the community who had travelled to the river's banks in search of cow leaves. He then told some of the locals about the find, and those people eventually alerted the police.

A coffee factory, trees, and thickets surrounded the corpse as it lay in the river. There were clues that indicated the murderers may have fought to terminate her life; thus, the body was found in the river.


The fact that a knife was found in one of Wanjiku's limbs has made the villagers even more scared, and they are now demanding that the security authorities in the area do something.

Kibathi said that even though the hamlet, which is known for making, selling, and using illegal brews and, more recently, bhang, has been safe for a while, there have been some dangerous incidents recently that have made the people there fear for their lives.

The old guy said that the increased level of insecurity in the hamlet should be attributed to the absence of a police presence in the vicinity of the community.

After it was announced that police and crime scene investigators had found Wanjiku's body, Kibathi asked the government to think about setting up a police station in the area quickly so that the people there could feel safe. The investigators were called to the location of the crime.

"It is a source of great regret to us that this event took place." Since we started to battle illicit drugs with the assistance of local authorities, there has been a significant increase in the amount of peace that exists in this area.

Wanjiku's death has brought back feelings of insecurity, and what's most upsetting is that her killers had no sympathy for her, as Kibathi said.

Ruth Njeri, Wanjiku's grandmother, agreed with him and said she didn't like that there aren't many police on the streets in the area. She said that this has made them even more worried.

Njeri, who was upset, said that the event would make it impossible for many people to go out in the evening.

"The government is obligated to take action." We are unable to proceed in this manner. It is a terrible tragedy that Wanjiku, who was on her way home to check on one of her ailing children, had to pass away before she got there.

Since her boss had called her just before her phone turned off, we believe the event took place between Kimunyu and Wamuguthuko villages, as the grandmother pointed out. "We assume the event occurred between Kimunyu and Wamuguthuko village."

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