Water price to increase 10 times

On February 1, the Water Resources Authority (WASREB) enacted new water charges that are expected to raise the cost of the good by a ten-fold increase.

Every 1,000 litres of water supplied to customers will now cost Ksh5 instead of 50 cents.

The levies, according to the government, would also impact water utilized for commercial or industrial purposes, fish farming, and irrigation.

According to certain water industry investors, the implementation of the levies would result in significant losses and cause some vendors to close their shops.

Investors from Kiambu opposed the adoption on Thursday, February 2, claiming that it will raise the cost of living in metropolitan regions.

"If we were previously paying Ksh10,000 for water, ten times that amount will be too costly to raise, and we will lose our employment.

"No organization or industry can withstand a ten-fold expansion. The levies would hurt Kenyans, the businesses said.

Investors urged Water Cabinet Secretary Alice Wahome to postpone the implementation of the laws so that more time could be spent considering them.

The delegates said that "the community of water projects organisations should sit down with the CS to develop alternate options that would not harm both Kenyans and persons in the industry."

Water price to increase 10 times

The administration has stated a number of reforms in the industry as part of its strategy to fund water projects all around the nation, including increased charges.

On September 29, 2022, President William Ruto declared intentions to engage into water purchase contracts with private businesses.

The government invited private investors to work with it to create massive water projects, and in exchange, the developers were permitted to charge somewhat higher prices to recoup their investment.

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