Vipingo ridge, live, play golf photo

Rich people are moving to Vipingo, which is in Kilifi County, to build luxurious homes and other places to live.

One of the reasons for the area's quick growth is the widening of the Mombasa-Malindi Road.

Ian Sheywood, one of the people with a stake in Vipingo, said on Thursday, February 2, that controlled growth was good for people from other countries who wanted to visit or live along the Kenyan Coast.

Vipingo is literally bursting with life by itself. Investors are drawn to this location by new commercial and residential prospects, according to Sheywood.

Vipingo ridge, live, play golf photo

"You can see that we've manicured and maintained the trees." Therefore, he said, "we take a very significant interest in conserving nature."

Sheywood's arguments were backed up by a local, who said that the region's housing laws mandate land owners to construct eco-friendly residences.

New residents must construct units that meet the established specifications in addition to building dwellings that are climate-friendly. Large residential complexes are not permitted.

Additionally, Vipingo keeps attracting international investment since tree planting is required by law.

A homeowner giving the tour said, "We have bridged the gap to guarantee we have structured homes, a regulated atmosphere, and overall management of the projects."

Kilifi Governor Gideon Mung'aro said that the county has made a plan to keep track of home growth, which has helped the real estate boom in Vipingo.

Governor Mung'aro said, "We have chosen the spatial plan for how land will be used in the near future and in all the areas that make up Vipingo."


Vipingo ridge, live, play golf photo

Mung'aro added that the County of Kilifi was extremely close to concluding an agreement with the investors that would give the neighborhood more influence.

The governor wants to help the local people, so he encourages foreign investors to build hospitals, schools, and jobs.

Investment firm Centum revealed its intentions to build a Ksh100 billion industrial park in Kilifi County in 2018.

Vipingo Investment Park was the name of the plan, which said it would give interested investors 1,150 acres of serviced sites for industrial, logistical, and commercial operations. 

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