Jesus' wife claims that Bungoma Jesus miraculously transformed water into tea.
Bungoma Jesus and his wife Prophet Benjamin.

A Bungoma woman who claims to be Jesus' wife claims that Bungoma Jesus miraculously transformed water into tea.

Due to his assertions that he is a superior being, the Tongaren man, who has gained national attention, now seems to be doing miracles similar to those of the historical Jesus of Nazareth.

The man's wife told NTV in an interview that her husband made a lot of tea out of water, which the villagers drank and even had enough left over to take home.

"He recently turned water into tea." She said, "People drank it and were quite pleased, and it remained that way."

He is reportedly known by the name Eliud Wekesa, and the lady stated that because of his assertions that he is Jesus, her family is being shunned in the area.

He has the ability to cure the sick and perform other wonders, according to his wife, Prophet Benjamin, who has also made this claim in the past.

"This is prophet Benjamin." Five boys and three girls make up our family of eight. He is the Jesus about whom we were informed, in my opinion.

"He departed to create a spot for us, and he is now returning to bring us there," she continued.

Kenya would "swallow" other countries, according to Yesu wa Tongaren.

In an earlier interview, Wekesa predicted that Kenya would merge with other countries in the next 460 days.

He urged President William Ruto to be ready. Mwalimu Yesu alleges that God told him that nations would submit to Kenya.

The man, known only as Mwalimu Yesu, said his heavenly father told him about events that would take place soon.

He is the father of eight children. Mwalimu Yesu is situated in Tongaren, Bungoma County, where he manages his ministry.

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