The actress Minne has rekindled her spat with Susan Kaitanny, CEO of Posh Palace.

In the Real Housewives of Nairobi reality television series, which is presently airing on Showmax, a split has been brewing.

Due to their various age differences, Minne alleges Kaittany has consistently treated her with disdain on the show.

Susan has openly criticised the actress for appearing overly theatrical and being late for gatherings given by various members of the show's cast on at least two occasions.

Actress Minne Kariuki

Nevertheless, Ms Kaittany also believes Minne is trying to take centre stage on the show by getting into fights whenever she gets the chance.

The actress of "Single Kiasi" disagrees with the accusations, claiming that Ms Kaittany simply wants to be her and that the beauty entrepreneur leads a false life in her two-bedroom home in Dennis Pritt.

"You are possessed with FAME. You intended to be the centre of attention because you were enamoured with this program.

"No one brought up the fact that you had chartered a whole helicopter for the first episode; instead, everyone brought up Minne the hustler," said Minne.

Michelle Ntalami and Minne are also at odds.

Michelle said in a previous interview that Susan Kaitanny, a dear friend, is the reason she is on the program.

She remarked, "For me, whether I was paid or not, I would have nevertheless been there for my buddy."

When asked to explain her disagreement with Minne, Michelle replied that she never puts on a show of liking someone she doesn't.

"People should anticipate my genuineness because I won't pretend like we are great friends."

"I am when I'm wounded; I am when I'm joyful," she said.

She said that she no longer makes an effort to maintain a false online persona.

She answered, "I have several coins in my bank, and that is who I am."

She said that, contrary to what Vera Sidika implied on the program, her dispute with Minne had more to do with money than it did with males.

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