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Caroline Mutoko 

Until she left her position as Kiss FM anchor at the pinnacle of her profession, Caroline Mutoko was really the princess of Kenyan radio.

Nine years after leaving Kiss Radio in September 2014, Mutoko had no regrets whatsoever about her choice.

The former radio queen said in a subsequent interview that she had never regretted her choice to leave radio and believes she does not miss being on air.

"I do not miss the radio. I gave my all throughout my four and a half years at Capital FM and my fourteen years at Kiss FM. For each other, we tried our best," Mutoko told Nairobi News.

The well-known media figure continued by saying that she preferred producing podcasts over going back on the air.

"To be honest, I would start a podcast if I wanted a radio experience. This is due to the fact that podcasts are advanced radios.

"You can have a terrific engagement with your listeners if you are podcasting and have your cameras with you." Instead of going back to the radio, I would record a podcast.

The former Kiss FM host continued by saying that she quit radio at the pinnacle of her profession since she thought her season was about to end.

"Nine years have passed since I came out of the radio. That was necessary and wonderful. I'm happy I did it. I'm sure many people were curious about what I was doing.

"Others were like, 'You have a really amazing program on the radio!" Yet, I was aware that my period was coming to an end, and I wanted to enter my new one."

During her peak as a broadcaster, Caroline Mutoko was dubbed "radio queen" due to her candid conversations and attitude toward genuine, daily concerns, some of which offended lawmakers and other influential figures.

Shaffie Weru and Kalekye Mumo took over Kiss FM after the radio personality diva left. 

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