Dennis Itumbi on Twitter hacking

Dennis Itumbi, the Chief Administrative Secretary for the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology and Digital Economy speak after hackers seized control of his Twitter account.

Itumbi expressed complete self-assurance about his ability to regain possession of his profile in a message that he released on Wednesday.

Itumbi revealed that the hackers had also attempted to take possession of his other social media accounts, but he was able to detect their attempts in time to prevent them from succeeding.

"They attempted to access my email, Instagram, and Facebook accounts as well, but I intercepted all of those communications before they could succeed.

"My account will be reinstated soon. A scathing greeting, followed by an unequivocal message on the importance of cyber security. At this time, hackers lead Itumbi 1-0. When everything is said and done, that score is going to be completely different... Asanteni, "he added.

The CAS said that the hacking must serve as an example of a clear message on what should be done about cyber security in Kenya.

He said that bitcoin is connected to hackers, and he urged his followers not to be afraid to participate in the cryptocurrency market.

"My Twitter account has been hacked and taken over by another user. There is a connection between hackers and cryptocurrency. Sure, I do possess a few bitcoins, which I purchased when the price was about $60,000 each. Google how much one bitcoin is now worth in exchange.

"Do not be afraid to become involved with crypto-currency, despite the fact that it comes with a lot of problems. There are interesting coins now selling for 9 bob; do some study on them and consider making a purchase; you never know." Itumbi was also included.

The account has more than 2.1 million people who are following it.

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