Chips Mwitu

After being convicted of the crime of frying chips with transformer oil and distributing them to consumers, a chips seller from Nyandarua has been given a two-year term in jail or a fine of Ksh200,000, or both.

The penalty was handed down after the vendor was discovered to have been in violation of the law.

In court, it was revealed that Elijah Mwangi Muthoga used transformer oil to produce chips for clients at his hotel located in the Ol Katou market center. Later on, he would distribute the oil to popcorn merchants so that they could use it to prepare popcorn for their consumers.

He was imprisoned along with his co-conspirator, Zachary Mwangi Gitau, who was the one who delivered him the transformer oil.

In violation of subsection (1) of Section 169 of the Energy Act of 2019, Gitau was given a sentence of ten years in prison or, as an alternative, a fine of ten million Kenyan shillings for vandalising a 100 kVA transformer.

Kenya Power said that the judgement was a significant assist to the company's attempt to combat the destruction of transformers, while at the same time expressing their gratitude for the verdict.

The electricity company said, in a report that was made public, that theft was one of the primary factors that led to power disruptions throughout the nation and financial losses for the firm.

They also said that tough protections had been put in place to keep the country's electrical assets safe.

According to Kenya Power's Deputy General Manager for Security Services, Maj. Paul Nyaga (ret. ), "This verdict is a huge help to the company's campaign to counter transformer burglary since the hefty fines and prison sentences would dissuade criminals."

"Power interruptions are caused by vandalism on transformers. According to the statement that was included, the vandalism of transformers not only lowers the standard and dependability of the electricity supply, but it also puts employees at risk of being electrocuted and exposes the business to the possibility of suffering financial losses due to lost revenues and the expenses related to replacing transformers.

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