Tanasha Donna and Diana Marua's dispute has been resolved.

After criticizing Diana Marua in her song, Narudi Soko, Tanasha Donna unfollowed her.

Tanasha unfollowed Diana, but when she spoke to her online fans after a business trip to Dubai, Diana insisted that they were not at odds.

Diana said she was unaware. Tanasha had stopped following her.

Diana Marua photo

"I have a close friendship with Tanasha. Our friendship is strong, and we help her anytime she wants us "explained," Diana.

Diana said that nothing she said, mostly in song, should cause someone to harbour resentment.

"For me, it's nothing to get worked up about or make personal." "I'm not sure why I got unfriended given how busy I was in Dubai."

Diana Marua published a song in Kenya and Tanzania mocking a number of famous people for their disastrous romances.

Diana criticizes Tanasha in the song "Narudi Soko" for splitting up with Tanzanian bongo star Diamond Platnumz.

Diana made fun of Tanasha for having Diamond Platnumz take away her vehicle just after the two parted ways.

"Tanasha Dona ukanyang'anywa Prado daaah, hukuweka sukari (unarudi soko). Nasibu (atarudi soko) na huyu Zuchu anapeana vitu."

Almost two years ago, Tanasha and Diamond called it quits, and the Tanzanian singer quickly found new love with Zuchu. Zuchu and Diamond announced their separation in February 2023.

Tanasha Donna has chosen to stop following Diana B, so it would seem that the criticism did not sit well with her.

Tanasha Dona from Kenya, Zuchu and Diamond from Tanzania, Andrew Kibe, a Kenyan content developer living in the US, and the recently divorced, contentious pair Amira and Jimal Rohosafi are just a few of the personalities she disparaged.

"Amber Ray is atoka Jamal roho safi and akanotice ulafi (akarudi soko). Jamal Naye akarudia mama kumbe (alirudi soko) kumaliza lawama."

Diana criticizes Andrew Kibe as well.

"Andrew Kibe unatusi watu na wee ni maskini, utakufa ghetto."

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