Jacqueline Wolper, and Wema Sepetu
Jacqueline Wolper, and Wema Sepetu

A veteran actress in Tanzania, Jacqueline Wolper, has written to her fellow actress, Wema Sepetu, telling her that the day she gets pregnant, she will be the first person to volunteer and lock her in, serving her with everything as long as she does not suffer throughout the pregnancy.

Wema Sepetu had posted a note saying that she was not pregnant, but it was only a moment when people saw her pretending to be pregnant.

Sepetu, who has been showing great desire to have at least one child of her own, said one day that she was not pregnant and that if it happens one day she will get pregnant and she will not tell anyone because it will be her secret.


"Attention..!!! What is the period? I am not pregnant yet! And even if I get that feeling, I will tell the truth. In other words, that's what God said: "Now let me bless your belly, goodness,", and then "pregnancy." I'm not saying it cannot... But I want it, man... Let's say, Inshallah... " Wema Sepetu said so, though indirectly.


Queen and Dr Mwaka's relationship hit the rocks.

"You know we respect journalists very much; we respect them very much, and I said that I would not talk about any family issues, but there is also a way I can answer so that I do not offend them," Queen said.

"In terms of the divorce, I have not yet gotten one, and it is not the case to say whether you have or not, but it is in the final stages, and soon it will follow me where I am.


Queen photo

"In terms of the house and moving, yes, I have moved, and I have given up on that house. I am with my children in another place. I am struggling with life, but I believe we will get to where we were destined by God to be. So right now, I am putting God first, but I am also working hard."


"In terms of my security, it's really not good, but I believe that the main protector is God. I really asked for help; the government knows what I'm doing, and sometimes people do things in secret.


"It gets to the point where you decide to live with worry, but later you say, Wait for me to live and leave him alone, God, so if anything bad or good has happened to me, I believe God will have allowed it." Queen has opened up," said Queen, who parted ways with Dr JJ Mwaka.



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