A Kenyan saleswoman who was sentenced to 3 months in prison for yelling in the corridors of Nairobi has been bailed out by comedian and content producer Eric Omondi.

The municipality detained Joyce Naserian for screaming while urging shoppers to purchase her goods. She claimed that a multinational had hired her and that her compensation was based on a contract.

Since she failed to make the Ksh 10,000 cash bail payment, she was eventually given a three-month term at the Langata women's jail.

Joyce Naserian and Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi made an appearance at the prison and helped her and two other women be released on bond.

Eric Omondi also expressed his gratitude to Bernice Saroni for hiring Joyce Naserian.

Kenyans on social networking sites have praised Eric Omondi for doing everything he could to get the young mother released so she could be with her children.


"We have released Joyce Naserian from Langata Women's Prison. She was to spend 3 months in prison for a petty offense with a fine of only Ksh 10,000. She can now go back to her children. We also released Nicole.


" @bernicesaroni, thank you for coming through and offering her a job. God bless. We also release Naomi today."

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