Protests in Kisii town over Fred Matiang'i DCI grilling
Protests in Kisii town over Fred Matiang'i DCI grilling.

On Tuesday, March 7, people of Kisii, mostly in their hundreds, flocked to the marketplace to demonstrate against the purported mistreatment of Fred Matiang'i, who had previously served as the Cabinet Secretary for the Interior.

Demonstrators gathered through Kisii town carrying twigs and placards, shouting "no Matiang'i, no peace slogans," as they pleaded with the authorities to apprehend and punish the former Cabinet Secretary with a felony if he was responsible for the incident.

Activist Gilian Obaigwa stated that it was improper for the detectives to persist in detaining Matiang'i for a long time, stating that he is a Gusii warrior and ought to be handled with respect. Matiang'i has been held by the detectives for a long period of time.

"Matiang'i should not be regarded as an offender in any way." According to Obaigwa, "He is our son, and he defended the nation tirelessly for ten years." "He wants to be recognised because of this."

She said that Kenya is a functioning democracy that follows the rule of law, and she emphasised that the authorities need to detain him so that he may face the law and get justice.

Kisii leaders such as the Bomorenda Ward Representative and Deputy Speaker Jacob Barongo stated that it was unethical to disrupt the former CS and that Kenyans would keep demonstrating if security agents persisted in tormenting him. They claimed that it was immoral to hinder the ex-CS.

Matiangi has not been accused of murdering or stealing from anyone. The thieves are not caught and are allowed to go free. "He should be let go like his previous companions since he served his nation for ten years, and he deserves it," said Ombati, who is the majority chief whip.

It was inappropriate, according to Barongo, for the administration to view him with such disrespect, and he emphasised that he is deserving of respect.

Well before the former CS was allowed to leave the DCI headquarters, he was questioned there for a period of six hours.

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