Muthoni Ng'ethe alias Sonie photos
Muthoni Ng'ethe alias Sonie. FILE

Muthoni Ng'ethe, previously identified as Mulamwah's ex-girlfriend, recently gave an interview in which she discussed the breakup of their engagement and said that she does not and will not feel guilty about her decision.

In December of 2021, Sonie and Mulamwah, who had a daughter together, broke up, with Carol openly declaring that perhaps the dad of her kid deserted her. Sonie and Mulamwah have a daughter together.

A supporter questioned Sonie, during a question-and-answer session that took place on Instagram on Monday, "Do you have any regrets about terminating things with the dad of your child?"

In her response, she expressed astonishment at having to answer the issue and said, "Still?" "I never said I was sorry, babes."

These remarks from Sonie occur at a time when there is widespread speculation that Mulamwah is allegedly seeing Ruth K, the person he refers to as his "best friend."

Sonie, who was nominated for a Women in Media award earlier this month, stated that despite being a parent, she is still capable of finding time to enjoy herself.


Muthoni Ng'ethe alias Sonie photos

When a professional model was asked how she manages to be a mother in addition to the other responsibilities in her life, she responded by stating that it is essential for women to remember to take care of themselves.

"You really need to relax and have fun, bbg... usijifunge juu umekua a mother."

"We have a habit of not thinking about ourselves and concentrating on our children, but you have to learn to make time for yourself and take care of your children, Sawa?" she said.

A fresh nomination for the 2022 Women in Media Awards has been submitted for Carol Sonie.

Muthoni Ng'ethe alias Sonie photos

The event, which is scheduled to take place on March 25, 2023, will honour remarkable women who thrive in the media across several domains in the media business. In addition, the ceremony will promote women's art and commemorate their successes in their respective disciplines.

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