Former Mukurweini MP Kabando wa Kabando
Former Mukurweini MP Kabando wa Kabando

Kabando wa Kabando, a prominent member of Parliament for Mukurweini, has said that outgoing Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani could perhaps come forward and confess to the country where he spent the fifteen billion shillings.

Kabando said that Yatani should also identify his co-conspirators, and he demanded that Margaret Nyakang'o, the Controller of Budget, withdraw immediately for her to be able to testify as a state witness in this case.

Kabando asserts that Nyakang'o's actions constitute a violation of the Constitution and "indemnification" of the position.

"It would be in her best interest to quit directly and make the intelligent choice to testify for the state."

"Let's show no tolerance to those who have stolen," a legislator from the Jubilee party said.

He said that it was sad that Nyakang'o did not fight unlawful requests, especially considering that she is protected by the constitution.

Kabando questioned if the former cabinet secretary was prepared to defend former President Uhuru Kenyatta after he called on the head of Azimio, Raila Odinga, to stay out of the situation.

"Will his indigenous group and Azimio seniors claim viciousness and a desire for revenge if he is taken into custody for corruption?" he questioned. 

"He must be apprehended for abuse of power."

The controller of the budget stated this assertion while testifying before the Public Petitions Committee of the National Assembly.

She said that she felt pressured into approving the surrender of the amount.

She said that she was aware of several inconsistencies but was forced to give her approval due to the amount of pressure.

The withdrawals of around 9 billion shillings were done in accordance with the road annuity scheme, while 6 billion shillings were used to make payments for telecom.

Nyakango included a printout of the talks that she had with the high-ranking Treasury official in the paper that she presented to the panel.

"Please assist us in moving things forward more quickly."

"If we don't figure out a solution to this problem by 4 o'clock, His Excellency may even give you a call: "The text messages that she claims came from the official were read in part at the hearing."

The person in charge of the situation said, "He just phoned, and I just informed him that I have talked to you, and you will guarantee by the end of the day."

According to the report, the discussion took place on August 4, 2022, just five days before the election. 

Following the new allegations that followed in the wake of a claim made by Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua announcing that he would soon mention the few who stole the money of taxpayers during the previous administration, the burden kept on increasing on the CoB to resign. 

This statement was made shortly after the revelations themselves.

According to attorney Ahmednasir, the statement is a farce of the law, and Nyakang'o needs to resign from office as a result of this admission.

"In my view, the Controller of the Budget has to tender her resignation as soon as possible, or else Parliament ought to initiate the process of removing her the day after tomorrow."

Since she was reportedly forced, she is unable to give her approval for the theft of 15 billion shillings only two days before the elections, "according to the lawyer."

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