Sammy Ondieki, better known by his stage name Sammy Boy

Sammy Ondieki, better known by his stage name Sammy Boy, is a Kenyan performer. He has voiced his disgust with followers who anticipate receiving free show tickets from him just because they recognise him.

On February 5, the fashion influencer resorted to Instagram to express his fury and blast out people who insulted him for not offering free VVIP tickets.

He also called out the individuals who did not provide free VVIP tickets.

In his post, Sammy Boy stressed that the conduct is demeaning, particularly since it emanates from acquaintances who ought to be supporting the classically trained musicians or the event organizers.

Sammy Boy was referring to the fact that the behaviour comes from buddies.

"When it pertains to occurrences, there is a certain kind of indifference that might come from friends or from individuals who are otherwise familiar with you."

"Yesterday, I was berated by a certain individual since I was unable to provide them with complimentary VVIP tickets. It's nuts to mistreat me because I'm not going to give out free tickets," "explained Sammy.

In light of the fact that he does not operate in the industry of marketing tickets, he admonished audience members to behave courteously and to stay away from placing such expectations on artists.

Sammy Boy went on to tell his followers that they should always be ready to pay for tickets to events if they want to see them, regardless of whether or not they are personally acquainted with him.

"Regardless of whether or not you know me, you should still purchase a ticket to the event if you want to attend it." "I have never worked in ticketing for an event or been in a position where I might feel offended because I was in the correct location and you were not," he said.

Sammy Ondieki, better known by his stage name Sammy Boy

He highlighted that he has never been engaged in ticketing jobs or situations and that he should not be humiliated for not providing free tickets. He added that he has never been involved in ticketing jobs or circumstances.

He noted that the entertainment industry is a business and that in order for artists to earn a livelihood, they must depend on ticket sales.

According to Sammy, demanding free tickets is a kind of disrespect for the artists and undermines their attempts to earn a career from the trade that they have worked so hard to perfect.

"These events need much more than what you see, and the organisers have put a significant amount of time and money into them; hence, they ought to be considered businesses regardless of their nature.

He recommended that anyone who did not wish to show their support for the musicians playing at the event could instead give their money to the organiser of the event.

Sammy Ondieki, better known by his stage name Sammy Boy

The artist has sent a plea to his devoted following, asking them to get in touch with him as soon as possible so that he may make adequate preparations.

He encouraged them to make their demands in a manner that is courteous and respectful, and he said that he is always eager to help them to the greatest extent feasible.

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