Monkeys in Mwea, Kirinyaga

Due to the monkey intrusion in their fields, farmers in Mwea, which is located in Kirinyaga County, are tallying up their damages.

The harvests in the farmers' fields have been destroyed because of the monkeys' destructive behaviour in the hamlet of Karuangi in Murinduko.

One of the residents expressed their concern to the government, saying, "We worry that the devastation of our crops would lead us to famine."

Farmers in the region have sent a petition to the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) asking for their assistance.

"Even going so far as to steal food from our houses, the cheeky monkeys continue to cause trouble." "Their population is continuously growing," Susan Wanjiru, a local, stated.

If the creatures persist in munching on their crops, a local farmer named Njuki Nyaga claims that the people in the vicinity are in danger of starving to death.

The citizens asked the authorities to investigate the matter and come up with a long-term solution.

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