Kenyan police car

The remains of a 35-year-old man were discovered on the side of the road in Kitengela, which is located in Kajiado County. The police have opened an investigation into the possibility that he was murdered.

Benson Gitonga was the person who was found to have passed away, according to the police.

The underarm of the corpse showed signs of having been stabbed, and it was lying in a pool of blood.

People think that he was killed while he was drunk and that his body was left at the scene of the crime.

According to the police, there has been no apprehension made in relation to the crime that occurred on Sunday morning, and attempts to find the murderers are still underway.

According to the police, they are conducting an investigation into a homicide.

In a different story, a guy in Kawangware passed away after collapsing, and his family members recorded a statement to the Muthangari police station before later reporting his death.

Philip Maithya, who was 48 years old, collapsed at his home earlier in the day and was taken to a nearby hospital. He was pronounced dead soon after he got there.

He had been complaining about his difficulty breathing.

The family then took the corpse to the police station, and the officers there helped them transport it to the city mortuary so that a pathologist could examine it.

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