As the independent inquiry into the murder of interior decorator Geoffrey Mwathi keeps going, the solicitor for popular Kikuyu benga singer and DJ Fatxo, Charles Mugane, has stated that his customer is readily accessible and will work collaboratively with law enforcement agencies. Fatxo is known for his work as a DJ.

Since the event that took place on February 22, "DJ Fatxo," whose real name is Lawrence Njuguna, has allegedly appeared before the local prosecutor each time he has been called upon to do so, as stated by Mugane.

Geoffrey Mwathi death probe continues

 Charles Mugane told Inooro TV that his client is helping with the active investigations and that he has been easily accessible because he has been called to appear in court since Geoffrey's death.

"My client is working in conjunction with the investigators," Mugane said.

The solicitor offered his sympathies to Mwathi's family as well, although he said that the circumstances were "tough for his client and his colleagues."

"We want to convey our sympathies to Jeff's family," he said.

"This is a terrible situation for my customer and his colleagues, but in the end, the truth will become obvious."

The first question that has to be answered is how an interior decorator named Mwathi, who had been introduced to the DJ by way of a reference, ended up murdered outside of the DJ's apartment complex located on Thika Road.

During a night out on the town, Mwathi took his own life by jumping to his death from the 10th floor of the DJ's flat, as stated in testimonies that were recorded at the Kasarani police station by the DJ, his cousin, and his driver.

Mwathi, DJ Fatxo, and three ladies whose identities have not been revealed are seen on surveillance video obtained from the Redwood flats at around 3 in the morning.

According to the complaint filed by the police, there was a second individual, a relative of the DJ, who drove up to the flat in a vehicle that was different from the first.

At about four in the morning, the DJ was shown on video leaving his flat with the three ladies, while Mwathi remained inside the residence with two other males.

There is no clear explanation for what took place, but surveillance video shows two males looking around the parking lot of the apartment complex.

Before heading to the flat, the deejay's cousin could be seen making many phone calls on her cell phone.

When the CCTV tape was reviewed seven minutes later, it showed Mwathi plunging from the flat, which baffled the police and the neighbours.

Muchoki Mwathi, the deceased interior decorator's uncle, said that when his body was discovered, the deceased man's trousers were taken down to his knees.

Due to the length of time that had passed since the occurrence, the pathologists who worked at the City Mortuary, where the autopsy was carried out, were unable to identify whether or not the late Mwathi had been the victim of assault.

The testimonies that were submitted by the disc jockey and the two other guys who were present at Mwathi's residence at the time of the occurrence suggest that the deceased man leapt to his death.

They allege that they found out about Mwathi's killing shortly after the DJ got back to their flat at about nine in the morning and informed them of the circumstances outside the building.

Until then, Mwathi's family has spoken out against the suicide theory, alleging that the interior designer had never even entertained the idea of ending his own life.

Ongoing inquiries are being conducted into the problem.

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