Omondi Orwa arrested for threatening President William Ruto security

A guy who is 32 years old was taken into custody after he reportedly insulted President William Ruto and dared police officers at Jacaranda Grounds, which is located in the Eastlands neighbourhood of Nairobi, to apprehend him.

Shandrack Omondi Orwa was accused of trespassing in a way that was likely to result in a breach of peace, which is a violation of Section 95 (1). (b).

Mr. Omondi was charged with yelling and expressing the utterances "Maandamano tutaenda...makarao ni wachache wataumia serious" (we'll demonstrate. There are very few police officers. They will get hurt) to police officers who were on guard duty in the area.

The words "we'll demonstrate" and "there are very few police officers... they will get hurt" were specifically referenced in the charge.

As a result of Mr. Orwa's attendance at a Bunge La Mwananchi gathering held at the grounds on March 3, this year, he was further prosecuted for getting involved in an illegal assembly in violation of Section 79 of the criminal code.

It is believed that the perpetrator, along with other people who got away, elicited members of the public to provoke violence against even the law enforcement officers who were monitoring the premises by attempting to stone them.

It is stated that he has used language that is degrading to the president, specifically to President Ruto and his deputy, Rigathi Gachagua, in a manner that has the potential to produce a break in the peace.

It is stated that when Mr. Omondi confronted the group as well as the media later on, he used insulting language.

As he finished speaking to the media, he exited the building and started walking back to his home, but policemen trailed him and detained him. He was driven to the Kayole police station in a police car.

The officials of Bunge La Mwananchi who gave testimony to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) about this case informed the investigators that Mr. Omondi is a member of their organisation but that they hadn't granted him the authority to instigate members of the public or disrespect Dr. Ruto.

Over the course of the inquiry, Mr. Omondi expressed contrition to the DCI for the language that he had previously used to criticise the president and the police.

The Communication Authority of Kenya has been provided with a video clip of him trying to address the media at the gathering, which has since gone viral on social media.

This video clip will serve as a potential illustration in the case, and the oversight will investigate it.

In front of the Chief Magistrate of Makadara, Francis Kyambia, Mr. Omondi vehemently disputed the claims.

He was freed after posting a bond in the amount of Sh50,000, in addition to an equivalent cash bail of Sh20,000.

This year, the proceedings are scheduled to begin on July 17, although the matter will be discussed on June 5 beforehand.

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