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A judge in Malindi has given the order for the graves of two children to be exhumed. Before their bodies were found, it was thought that the kids died of starvation and then suffocation.
A judge in Malindi has given the order for the graves of two children to be exhumed.
Law enforcement officials believe that the goal of the claimed plot to choke the children was to bring about their deaths so that they could be honoured as champions in the eyes of God after their deaths.

James Ongondo, the senior main magistrate in Malindi, was given a full account of how Evabra Dito Ngala and his brother, Seth Hinzano Ngala, died and how horrible it was.

Joseph Yator, the lead investigator from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in Malindi, told the judge that Ibrahim Gandi Ngala, the third child, was saved by police officers just as he was about to die from suffocation. Yator was brought in from the DCI in Malindi.

"The boy who was freed recounted the agony that his two brothers went through after they had been malnourished for some time prior to their mother suffocating them to death."

He added that the goal was to "make them die and be heroes before death when they are slain."

"The goal was for them to die," Yator told the court. He went on to say that Issac Ngala, Emily Kaunga, and Paul Mackenzie may have buried the two underage children on March 16 and 17 in shallow graves at Shakahola village in Malindi because it was in line with their religion and would make it easy for the children to get out of the graves and fly to heaven.

Yator said that the two children who were killed were put to rest in shallow graves in the Malindi village of Shakahola.

"As soon as the perpetrators saw the police officers who had come to their house, they fled the scene. There was one boy, eight years old, who was struggling with hunger and was almost ready to pass away. He was pulled to safety, and at this time he is being cared for at a nearby hospital," he said in front of the judge.

The judge could find out what killed the two people by having a pathologist look at their bodies and take their DNA, so the court ordered them to be dug up.

"Under the guidance of the state pathologist and law enforcement agents mapped from DCI Malindi to manage and control the exhumation exercise, the sub-county police commander and the area OCS will provide security during exhumation," the magistrate said.

"The dug-up carcasses are going to be reviewed, and the harvesting of DNA and laboratory test specimens are to be carried out at the burial site or in another place that has been recommended by the government pathologist," the magistrate added.

"This will be performed with the oversight of the government pathologist."


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