Benz victim in Pangani photo

The desolate individual from the accident that occurred early on Sunday morning at the Pangani underpass has been recognised.

The accident occurred when a Mercedes-Benz S-Class crashed into a concrete barrier and then exploded into flames.

James Ogola was employed at Fitmax Garage as a mechanic.

Fred Abuga, an officer of the Pangani OCPD, claims that Ogola was behind the wheel of Joanne Mwangi's vehicle when he was involved in an accident at the junction of the Murang'a and Forest roads.

According to a statement published by the police about the occurrence, it was said that he "tried to get out of the truck but regrettably was overpowered by the fire flames and fell around one metre away and perished on the spot."

It was stated that Ogola had taken the luxury automobile from Joanne on Thursday to have it repaired.

On various social media platforms, photos showing the burnt remnants of the silver sedan's body were extensively shared.

The licence plates of the car were also stolen.

"My phone hasn't stopped ringing, but I still have some telephone calls that I haven't returned yet."

"I apologise for the inconvenience."

Joanne is said to have said something along the lines of "but, I feel so terrible that he lost his life."

The Nairobi County Fire Department was sent immediately after the accident, and they were successful in putting out the blaze.

According to the supplementary information included in the police report, "the corpse was taken to the city mortuary on admission number 523/2023."

The corpse was identified as "an unknown male adult" when it arrived at the city mortuary.

The remains of the Benz may be seen near the Pangani Police Station.

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