Pastor Siva Moodley burial after two years Resurrection wait

This week, a funeral parlour in South Africa had to get a court injunction before they could bury a 53-year-old pastor's corpse that had been at the mortuary for over two years.

Pastor Siva Moodley is claimed to have passed away on August 14, 2021, but his corpse was kept at a Johannesburg funeral home because his family thought he would indeed rise from the dead.

Although his wife and two children were not there, the late Moodley, who created "The Miracle Centre," was buried at Westpark Cemetery in the presence of his brothers and other family members.

Ryan Brown, a claims manager at the aforementioned funeral home, claimed that the Gauteng High Court approved the burial after the morgue raised health issues since the family had been silent for more than a year.

They said that notwithstanding the funeral service's 28 efforts to get in touch with Moodley's wife and children for guidance, including emails, more than 40 WhatsApp messages, and attorney's letters, the family had not come forward to reclaim the corpse 579 days after the pastor passed away.

According to court documents, one of the members of the congregation inquired of the pathologist who came to recover Moodley's corpse and how long he might have been kept there before it began to decay.

The family was advised to transport the corpse to the mortuary, but they subsequently declined to seek or agree to their loved one's burial or cremation.

According to court records, "they did not want to get engaged to make preparations for the funeral, but the repercussions involving environmental health and hazard ramifications were given to the first, second, and third respondents if a burial was not organized."

The wife of the dead is reported to have revealed to the mortician that she had a dream in which her husband might return to life.

According to Moodley's website, it is common to see dramatic healings like legs expanding, malignancies or tumours vanishing, blind eyes opening, and deaf ears opening by his ministry's teachings and beliefs.

The website also keeps track of remarkable events from the past. For instance, it alleges that Caid Bailey was the first person to be brought back to life in 2003 at one of Moodley's sessions and that a baby who died in delivery in 2013 was also purportedly brought back to life.

According to reports, "Dr Siva prayed for the mother in a coma after the child was brought to life in a miraculous ceremony."

The "supernatural weight reduction," where "kilograms instantaneously dropped off individuals," was another purported miracle.

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