Major Nameye Khadija well known as Mejja
Major Nameye Khadija well known as Mejja

Major Nameye Khadija "Mejja," a Kenyan rapper, has said that he is through with his therapy and plans to most likely unleash hits after completing a throat therapeutic approach.

Using his official Instagram page, Mejja informed his hardcore fans about his major return, and according to the replies that have been posted in the comment area, it seems that the message has been well received by his followers.

"To start from scratch, I have to apologise to you, my loyal supporters. I've learned a lot about perseverance and who my true friends are as a result of going through this process. "Let's be honest, and I pray that God will bless all of my readers," posted Mejja.

The creator of the popular song "Usiniharibie Mood" went on to clarify that he would be performing with care as his physician has instructed him to do so.

What Mejja had to say regarding the disease in his throat

Major Nameye Khadija well known as Mejja

Mejja has only recently come clean and said that he had been experiencing discomfort in his throat for the last year but had overlooked the issue until he saw traces of blood in his sputum. Mejja made this revelation not long ago.

"At the commencement of the year, I began realising that I was continuously starting to feel discomfort in my throat, and I immediately discovered blood in my respiratory secretions, so I eventually went to see a professional Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) doctor," Mejja related in her narrative.

After beginning the therapy, Mejja had high hopes that he might one day be able to sing again, and now it appears that his goal is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality.

He added that doctors had warned him that his inadequate water intake had made a significant contribution to the throat ailment, which he stated he would work on, and Mejja had already shared a photo of himself holding a water bottle while planning to announce he's finally back.

Major Nameye Khadija well known as Mejja

This is actually the truth to his words, as Mejja has communicated this photo along with his announcement that he is back.

His supporters are quite pleased with his recent achievements, and one of them, Jacktone Aketch, quipped that he had been wondering where Mejja's tumbler had been since it had been absent for a time.

Mejja has also disclosed that he's going to host a concert on March 4, 2023, so mark your calendars.

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