A father in his 60s was taken into custody by security forces in the Narok South Sub-County for neglecting to take his kids to school

A father in his 60s was taken into custody by security forces in the Narok South Sub-County for neglecting to take his kids to school, despite having the resources necessary to do so.

According to Mr. Felix Kisalu, the area's Deputy County Commissioner, the father, who is 60 years old, has not completed the education of even one of his 20 children, who were born to a number of different spouses.

Sources report neither of his descendants have completed their education, with the majority of them leaving school while they were in the lower elementary grades.

According to Mr. Kisalu, even though he has sufficient means to provide for and educate all of his children, the majority of them have been compelled to abandon their education.

According to what the administrator said, the lothario now has two kids who have completed the eighth grade but have not yet enrolled in secondary education.

The guy also has two more children who are enrolled in high school but are not currently attending classes because they have substantial tuition arrears. One of these children is in Form 2, while the other is in Form 3.

The guy is in a lot of difficulty because, despite the fact that he "chooses to abandon his family and spend lease funds at Ololunga market every day," it is reported that he has rented more than 100 acres of property and receives a constant income from it.

He was taken into custody and lodged at the Ololulunga Police Station, and the Children's Department will be responsible for his arraignment in court on Monday.

Since then, Mr. Kisalu has terminated the lease on his property and requested that whoever would lease it provide the money for the man's children's education straight to their separate schools.

In addition, as the sub-county works towards achieving its goal of 100 percent transition, the administrator has now pledged to sell any animals that belonged to parents who were discovered to be failing to educate their children.

"I have given my chiefs instructions to locate such parents so that proper measures may be taken. We cannot allow parents to keep their children at home because they cannot afford school fees, even when they have sheep, goats, and cattle. We are going to put them up for auction and then donate the proceeds to the school," fuming Mr. Kisalu.

In addition to this, he has requested that particular measures be taken as well as that youth leaders bring attention to and report instances of child maltreatment that are comparable to those they have seen.

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