Tessie Shangatti Mudavadi and President William Ruto
 Tessie Shangatti Mudavadi and President William Ruto

Complaints raised over the office of his spouse, Tessie Shangatti Mudavadi, which was revealed last week, being sponsored from public funds have been assuaged by Prime Cabinet Secretary (PCS) Musalia Mudavadi.

On Thursday, Mudavadi said in Nairobi that the Office of the Spouse to the Prime Cabinet Secretary's primary responsibility would be to assist charitable endeavors across the region; as a result, it will not need any funds from the national exchequer.

Mudavadi said, "I want to explicitly state that there has been no public expense in the discourse around Tessie Mudavadi, and I do not observe any government investment happening because I genuinely recognize that actions of this sort are not government operations."

He continued by saying that before he was appointed Prime Cabinet Secretary, his spouse had been doing good deeds to advance society, and that would continue even without financial support from the state.

"Mrs. Musalia Mudavadi has been active in this endeavor, whether within or outside of the state, and we won't stop helping people in any region of the nation via charity endeavors," he added, but he was certain that it wouldn't come directly from the public coffers.

Tessie's office will support the efforts made by First Lady Rachel Ruto and Second Lady Dorcas Gachagua, as per a release from Mudavadi's media staff.

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