Instead of the popular midsummer drink known as "bug juice," a restaurant in Germany is now including insects in its ice cream, namely crickets.

Last week, Eiscafé Rino in the city of Rottenburg, located in the south of the country, began serving cricket-flavored ice cream that was topped with both the dried insects and the insects themselves.

The indulgent treat was the brainchild of the proprietor, Thomas Micolin, who bragged about it on Instagram.

German ice cream parlor introduces cricket-flavored scoops
German ice cream parlor introduces cricket-flavored scoops

According to what he said in the article, "We've literally been overwhelmed with... plenty of criticism, lots of praise, lots of surprises, and lots of interest about our new cricket flour ice cream!"

He said that he had researched the sweet over the whole winter and that he had created it as a bet; nevertheless, he did not reveal it "without fear of consequences."

Micolino said that it was a simple message for food that had the potential to become the future.

He expressed his desire to "try everything" in an interview with the German news agency dpa.

The proprietor of the ice cream shop, Thomas Micolin, spent the whole winter working on perfecting the recipe. Since it was made available to the public, his innovation has already garnered both acclaim and criticism.

"I've eaten a great deal of food, including one with a lot of bizarre stuff, and crickets were all that I was intrigued by, even in the shape of ice cream," the speaker says. "I've also eaten a lot of unusual things."

Honey, cake flour, vanilla extract, and heavy cream are the ingredients that go into this recipe.

Even while he freely acknowledges that the peculiar frozen dessert has already received "plenty of condemnation," there are still a great number of customers who are willing to give the dish a try.

Micolino was quoted as saying to the publication, "People who try it are quite delighted." "I have clients that make it a daily habit to come in and purchase a scoop from me."

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