villagers of Nyamakoroto in Kitutu Masaba constituency, Nyamira county

On Tuesday, a couple was brutally killed, and their bodies were found in their home. The villagers of Nyamakoroto in Kitutu Masaba constituency, Nyamira county, could not believe what had happened.

Edward Morema Nyagechi, an American who was 63 years old, was found dead next to his garage. He had serious cuts on his head, and his wrists and legs were tied with binding wire.

Afterwards, his 60-year-old wife, Grace Morema, was discovered tied up like her husband in the bedroom with serious slashes around her neck.

Masaba North's Deputy Police Commander Robert Ndambiri confirmed the event and said that it is likely that the two were tortured before they were killed.

"It seems that the thieves first kidnapped them, bound their wrists, and then muffled their mouths to prevent them from crying out for aid."

"We believe that the massive bleeding caused their demise," explained the officer.

Commander Ndambiri went on to say that the situation was being looked into and that two employees—a maid and a farm worker—who knew the truth and could help the investigation were already in custody.

When investigators from the Kisii Police Station got to the scene, they took the deceased bodies to the Kisii Referral Hospital to wait for an autopsy.

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