Tanzania ministry of Education and classes
Tanzania ministry of Education classes.

The Tanzanian Ministry of Education has put an end to the practise of sending students in the nursery and elementary levels to boarding school.

According to sources in the local media, the Education Commissioner of the nation, Lyabwene Mtahabwa, said that beginning on March 1, which marks the conclusion of the first term, no kid who is enrolled in Standard Four or below shall be a boarder.

According to a statement from Mtahabwa in The Citizen newspaper, "It is not permitted to continue providing boarding facilities to pupils in nursery and Standard One unless with a special permit that's going to be granted by the commissioner of education after obtaining a proposal from the key parties."

The commissioner of education said that students who attend boarding schools are denied the chance to form close relationships with their families, acquire important life lessons, and take part in a variety of programs that contribute to the growth of their communities as well as their loved ones.

According to Mtahabwa, "so several school systems have placed an emphasis on making sure learners pass their examinations, and one of the techniques that the education institutions have used to be successful in that endeavour is the formation of boarding and academic camps that are undertaken during holiday breaks and that help propel sluggish efforts at boosting students' self-esteem."


She said that the contribution that families make to a special needs child's growth was something that she felt strongly about.

Mtahabwa noted that any teachers thought to be in violation of the order face the possibility of legal measures, civil proceedings, or de-registration.

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