Kenya Square to overcome China Square

After a statement released by the government, businesses who are interested in selling goods created in Kenya have been urged to begin making reservations for spots on a platform, the building of which will commence very soon.

The Ministry of Investments, Trade, and Industry of Kenya has announced that there are 17 acres accessible for those who are interested in setting up shop at the market that will be recognised as Kenya Square. This announcement can be interpreted as the Kenyan government's response to the fact that China Square is owned by the Chinese.

"Exclusively for goods that are manufactured in Kenya. Now is the time to book your spot. On a flyer that was distributed by the Ministry, part of the text stated, "17 acres of area are offered for rent exclusively to hustler merchants."

Mr. Moses Kuria, Cabinet Secretary for Trade, tweeted "Twende kazi" as he urged Kenyans to submit applications for the open positions.

As Mr. Kuria voiced his worries about the store's business practises, it had been the focus of a huge trade dispute for the past week. The shop is owned by Chinese investors and is situated in UniCity Mall along the Thika Superhighway.

In the beginning, the CS approached Kenyatta University's administration and requested that they buy them out of the lease that the Chinese company had acquired.

Since then, Mr. Kuria has recanted his statement and stated that he is prepared to work together with the proprietor of China Square to guarantee that they construct a manufacturing plant in Kenya that can be utilised for the goods manufacturing process in order to minimise the level of competitors in the market with local business owners.

According to what Mr. Kuria had to say, "I would help the owner of China Square in setting up a manufacturing unit in Kenya and work on a distribution arrangement with Gikomba, Nyamakima, Eastleigh, Kamukunji, Muthurwa, and River Road Traders."

On Wednesday, the Chinese Embassy in Kenya ended up breaking its silence regarding the scandal involving China Square by contacting the administration and urging it not to respond with force but instead to defend Chinese enterprises and Chinese citizens amid the ongoing controversy.

The call came after the embassy had previously remained silent regarding the situation.

In a statement, the Chinese Embassy in Kenya said, "We want to take this chance to make it clear that the Embassy supports increasing trade and investment cooperation between China and Kenya and that the Embassy encourages Chinese businesses and Chinese citizens to do things that are legal in Kenya."

After a number of demonstrations staged by Nyamakima business owners in Nairobi's Central Business District (CBD), the statement was released.

The local merchants are sure that they should be in charge of both the wholesale and retail levels of the country's supply chain. They allege that the Chinese are monopolising wholesale and retail supply companies by undercutting the prices of their goods by up to 45 percent of the amount that they charge for such goods.

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