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Azimio la Umoja—Raila Odinga, the head of the One Kenya coalition, made the warning on Friday that Kenyans would join him in a boycott of items from those corporations that are linked with the state.

During his speech at a rally in Migori county, the opposition party's leader said that some of the enterprises were being "misused" by the government of President William Ruto's Kenya Kwanza party, which, according to him, failed to secure victory in the presidential race from the previous year.

Even as he warned Kenya's major telecoms business, Safaricom, and the media about the approaching financial boycott, he said that the alliance would release a notice outlining the companies that will be affected next week. He added that the notification will be sent next week.


"These individuals are abusing Safaricom in many ways. We will make a statement the following week about the steps we intend to take in regards to the state-taken advantaged businesses.We will provide you with a list of the foods, periodicals, and radio stations that you should avoid. The office that I work for will issue a statement."

Raila's comments came soon after he had called for large-scale protests to show the country's rising costs of living and what he said was unfairness in the elections.


"We are going to initiate a movement of resistance, which will include nonviolent actions such as marches and protests. It starts right here and right now. We encourage those suffering under the socially regressive measures of this unconstitutional dictatorship to join this political movement. At yesterday's news conference in Nairobi, he made the statement that "We are stronger together."

Raila said on Friday that he had given the Kenya Kwanza government two weeks to do what he asked: lower the country's sky-high cost of living, open the servers of the country's electoral commission, and include all parties in the process of hiring new commissioners. The government, however, had completely ignored his requests.

"But he refused to engage and went on to gazette a commission for the new IEBC team," the Raila added. "We sense that he would like to speak straight to Kenyans very soon."

Martha Karua, who ran as Raila's running partner in the most recent presidential election, argued that Ruto's administration lacked the legitimacy to be in power and said that Azimio's call for civil protest was appropriate.

"Ruto is bent on purchasing everyone, even lawmakers, and we will present to him those he can’t purchase," Karua said.

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