Homa bay people vandalise market

Dozens of protesters opposed to the administration caused damage to a multi-million dollar market in the town of Homa Bay. The marketplace was inaugurated by President William Ruto.

After engaging in a protracted fight with the police, the counter protesters took out their frustration on the plague by removing it and walking around with it.

An individual participating in the demonstration stated, "We absolutely adore our market, but this plague must be eradicated because it immediately reminded us that the market is selling unga at a price that is over Sh250 per packet."

For the first time, protesters in the town of Migori rejected to light a bonfire on the recently completed road.

On Monday, a number of the initial protesters had built a bonfire on the road, but their fellow activists extinguished it instead.

A local citizen named Jared Opiyo stated, "We are aware that the flames have been harming the road, and in our most recent demonstrations a part was damaged, so we decided to halt it."

Homa bay people vandalise market

The group asks anyone who is passing to throw rocks and stones their way as they construct a roadblock in order to assist them in blocking the road.

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