young millionaire like Suzanne Silantoi
Nairobi young millionaire CEC Suzanne Silantoi 

It's a common misconception that a young millionaire like Suzanne Silantoi would live a life of abundance and luxury, travelling in a fleet of costly cars and flashing expensive clothing.

The youngest member of Nairobi County's County Executive Committee, Ms Silantoi, is an exception to this story.

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja appointed her as the CEC with responsibility for inclusion, public participation, and customer service at the age of 29.

Ms Silantoi claimed in an interview that, despite declaring a net worth of Sh36 million, her lifestyle is the epitome of effortlessness and simplicity.

Like everyone her age, she spends much of her time hanging out with friends and engaging in basic activities.

When questioned about the pricey goods in her wardrobe, the CEC stated that such unique products may be obtained in second-hand clothing or mitumba.

She acknowledged having a pacemaker. "By the way, I purchase goods on Instagram. The good news is that I have access to folks who will sell to me anytime I want, and I know who they are. I'm their Instagram fan. So, mimi ni mtu wa mitumba, I'm good to go," Ms Silantoi remarked.

The CEC also said that she enjoys travelling by matatu, a rare treat she had to abandon after being appointed since the county provided her with a vehicle.

"Since the county gave me a vehicle, I no longer use matatus as often as I formerly did." As I went to school at Moi Girls and used to reside nearby, my route was 8."

She said that after taking office a year ago, nothing has changed and she is still unmarried.

"Yeah, I'm still single, and I was surprised that no one had brought it up. You folks may think that after vetting there was a brawl, but there wasn't much of a difference in my life."

The youngest CEC, Ms Silantoi, claims that she enjoys visiting coastal areas to unwind at the beach whenever she's not working.

She enjoys seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and travelling to Samburu, her native county.

After completing her first book, Ms Silantoi, who plans to read seven this year, said it helped her connect with more senior coworkers. She now has six more novels to read.

Ms Silantoi ran as an independent in 2017 for the Nairobi Senate seat.

In a contest that the current governor won, she finished fourth.

Ms Silantoi said she is concentrating on carrying out the governor's orders and would not discuss her future political move.

The CEC said that she had participated in Governor Sakaja's electioneering campaign but had not anticipated being chosen as the CEC.

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