Xtian Dela's mother, Reverend Margaret Nyongesa
Arthur Mandela Nyongesa with her mother Reverend Margaret Nyongesa

Xtian Dela's mother, Reverend Margaret Nyongesa, has made an impassioned plea for her son to return home. The mother of five children claims that her son has not been seen or heard from for the last four years.

She now claims that even the rest of his family weren't able to get in touch with their brother.

A user who described themselves as Lzarus O.O.J. sent a message on Twitter urging the young guy to return home. In a video that has now gained widespread attention, Dela's mother can be heard saying:

"Because he informed me that he was extremely busy at the time, I have not had any more communication from him. I am unable to contact him. Please let him know that his mother is eager to visit him wherever he may be. It is not an easy task to be apart from your child's life for a period of four years.

" It is known professionally as Arthur Mandela Nyongesa. Since 2019, he has developed a pattern of going missing, and every time I have asked him to return home, he has responded that he is too busy."

Ms. Nyongesa said that she just sent a message to Fatma Banj, her son Xtian's baby mom, in which she requested that Xtian come see his family as soon as possible because of an important problem. This endeavour was likewise fruitless.

She went on to say that other members of their extended family, including relatives, had expressed worry about his location after he missed a number of funerals.

Ndela has shared her struggles with going through a hard patch a few different times. After making a plea for financial support, some of his followers believed that he was trying to trick them into giving him money by seeming to be in need of it himself.

Arthur Mandela Nyongesa well known as Xtian Dela

At that time, he had already declared his desire to run for the post of Member of Parliament for Westlands. Dela had already declared his desire to run for the seat of Westlands Member of Parliament when it was made public. Following that, he began raising money by using a variety of programmes.

Just when many were starting to believe that he was serious about his political aspirations, he made the announcement that he was contemplating resigning since the people he assumed would embrace him (the young) were behind him. This caused others to question his sincerity.

Netizen had to react on the accusations from his mother. They said, 

Xtian Dela has the title "Honorable" in his username, yet he's completely distanced himself from his mother for four years. Where's the honour in cutting off your blood, mom? This is unfathomable.


Why is this Xtian Dela avoiding his mother? It is time to listen to the other side of the story. You might find that the black tax burdens him. This Hullabaloo mother should tell the public why her son has avoided her like the plague for the last four years.


Xtian Dela spends a decade building his public persona, the Xtian Dela brand. His mom asked him one morning, unprovoked, "Anaitwa Arthur Mandela."


I don't know what happened until Xtian Dela decided to cut his mom off, but where do you get the guts to dump your mom regardless of your differences?

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