Simba Arati and William Ruto in Kisii

Due to the power of the position, Kisii Governor Simba Arati asked President William Ruto on March 23 to ignore Azimio's rallies.

At a rally in Kisii County, the governor said that the president should stay away from the protests and focus on the growth of the country.

Arati said these things right after Ruto and some of his friends criticised Raila for protesting against the government at a meeting in Kitutu Chache, Kisii County.

Also, he accepted Ruto as the new leader of the country and promised to work with the government to help the area grow and improve.

"You should be comfortable now that you are the President."

"Just observe from a distance when people participate in a protest down here," he said.

Ruto had challenged Raila to stand in front of him and not stop Kenyans from going about their daily business with the protests.

"Touts, as well as dealers, boda boda drivers, and kiosk owners, did not work on Monday. What do you want them to do? Face me if you need help. Stop upsetting the people," Ruto said.

Arati, on the other side, urged Ruto not to nominate any of Raila's old cronies, like his predecessor James Ongwae. She said that most of them were senior citizens.

"I wish to mention that Ongwae and Jimmy are two elderly persons who are there. To fill your position, we have young individuals here."

"We are willing to help the elderly with financial needs, but when it comes to employment, just give it to the young folks," Arati said. 

The governor said this after Ongwae hinted that he would be willing to be president after leaving Raila and the ODM Party.

Gachagua also made the suggestion that the previous allies of Raila be given cabinet positions.

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