Siaya Senator Oburu Odinga with his brother Raila
Siaya Senator Oburu Odinga with his brother Raila

On Thursday, March 2, Siaya Senator Oburu Odinga raised the veil over how President William Ruto outwitted previous Head of State Uhuru Kenyatta and Azimio leader Raila Odinga.

Oburu, who is additionally Raila's older brother, described how Ruto studied the election system and prioritised the employment of hibernative pretense" as his primary strategy.

Oburu provided the following explanation: "At one time, we believed that "the system" was all about the president."

"But we subsequently found out that Ruto had seized control of other aspects of "The System," including security."

Oburu's faction said that Uhuru's faction failed to address inadequacies that were obvious at the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, despite the fact that Uhuru's faction was under the impression that they had closed all of the election process's flaws.

"We forced Ruto out of his position in the government, although little did we realise that he had established deep roots and obtained a number of influential positions inside Uhuru's administration.

"Ruto used to be there at all of the meetings for the development of the security measures, so he was familiar with how everything operated."

According to the Senator from Siaya, the inability to care for Chebukati was disastrous for Raila's campaign, which placed a significant amount of reliance on the roles that even the four new commissioners performed.

"After that, Chebukati searched for qualified individuals in Venezuela, some of whom were brought aboard."

"Our aim was to get it so that Chebukati was not permitted to make judgements of his own accord according to the law. Because of this, we didn't feel uneasy when the other four commissioners came in to join him, "Oburu stated.

Nonetheless, he also stated that he voiced his anxieties about the inability to shut down the apparent breaches at IEBC but that he did not do much about it because the campaign's emphasis had switched. He did not take any action about it because the election had diverted his attention.

As the intensity of the contest increased, Azimio put a greater focus, among the many other choices that they investigated, on building tactics revolving around security systems.

"I had a sneaking suspicion that Chebukati would get into a disagreement with the other four commissioners. Unfortuitously, we did not pay a great deal of attention to it, but Oburu voiced his opinion.

Oburu said that the previous Head of State was the most sincere and forthright member of Azimio's campaign team when he was questioned about whether former President Uhuru Kenyatta deserted his brother Raila.

Oburu expressed regret that a percentage of obvious shortcomings were not addressed despite the fact that Uhuru was at the top of the list of doing whatever was necessary to guarantee that Raila secured the presidency.

Oburu made it clear that Uhuru was at the top of the agenda in doing everything that could be done to guarantee that Raila secured the presidency.

"Uhuru did not turn on Raila in any way! Chebukati was the one who outwitted Uhuru because Uhuru had a lot of trust in him, despite the fact that he put forth his best effort. When Chebukati announced that Ruto will be the next President of Kenya, Uhuru was completely taken aback by the news that "Oburu made this assertion.

The senator from Siaya called on his fellow Kenyans to unite behind Raila Odinga, whom he assured would inevitably come up with yet another strategy for emerging victorious.

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