Zackaria Ng'asura, 65, located in Kiprambu village, Chepkumia location
 Zackaria Ng'asura, 65, located in Kiprambu village, Chepkumia location 

An individual who is accused of murdering his wife on Valentine's Day in cold blood has been apprehended by investigators in Kapsabet town, which is located in Nandi county.

On Monday evening, investigators from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) went to the residence of the suspect, Zackaria Ng'asura, 65, located in Kiprambu village, Chepkumia location in Nandi Central, and placed him under arrest.

Before the tragedy, it was reported that the deceased Cherono, who was 53 years old and a mother of six children, had been resting in the kitchen together with her daughter and three of her grandkids while her husband slept in the living room in the main home.

"The suspect was taken into custody this evening (Monday) when he was at his house in the hamlet of Kiprambu for further inquiries, as additional leads will help us learn why such an occurrence had to take place."

"When we are finished, we will provide you with complete information," said an investigator who asked to remain anonymous.

After more than two weeks, the burial of the dead has not taken place.

The perpetrator is responsible for repeatedly delaying the burial, which has left the deceased's family and the townspeople perplexed.

An autopsy revealed that Rose was stabbed with a sledgehammer that went through her ribs and entered her heart two inches deep. The cause of Rose's death was determined to be a stab wound.

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