Gambler in court after Betika edited his Sh 500,000 win to a loss photo

A gambler and the massive betting operator Betika are engaged in a legal dispute over an excess of 500,000 shillings in winnings.

Mr David Juma, a gambler from Nakuru who won an Sh500,000 prize after wagering Sh10 on a Betika website, has accused the corporation.

On February 18, Juma and his brother Collins Kizito wagered Sh10 on the eight-game Sababisha jackpot to win Sh500,000 in the prize pool.

Before making a wager, the two examined the eight games that the betting organisation had listed for the forecast.

The bettor kept a careful eye on the games after making their wager to see how they would turn out.

All of the forecasts, according to Mr Juma, proved true, and they were waiting to claim their prizes.

They were astonished, however, to find that the business had incorrectly said that one match hadn't been successfully predicted when they went on to the website.

To attempt to fix the mistake, they made the decision to get in touch with the business, but their attempts were ineffective.

 " Since then, trying to get in touch with Betika to have her fix the mistake and pay me the money I won has been fruitless. To contact Betika, my brother and I have called her on multiple occasions and have used social media, but to no effect," according to Mr Juma.

The gamer bemoaned that the corporation that had let him down had misled him after he had invested time, money, and energy in studying the games.

Mr Juma filed a lawsuit against Shop and Deliver Limited, the business that operates as Betika, in his complaint at the Nakuru Small Claims Court.

He submitted the betting slips and transaction messages from the petition together with the match results as proof.

According to Mr Juma, the business's acts were deliberate and in violation of the agreement between the parties.

Collins Kizito, a witness for Mr Juma, said in court that he assisted his brother in analysing and placing the bets using Mr Juma's Betika account, which the business confirmed.

In court documents, Kizito claimed, "I used Juma's account to analyse and place the bets; I watched the matches as they were played, and our predictions proved to be accurate. On February 18, I called him to inform him of the same, but he told me that Betika had marked the bet as lost on their website."

Kizito said that the website misrepresented the outcome of the match between FC Juarez and Leon, which resulted in a tie.

He also affirms that he assisted his brother in getting in touch with Betika, who baulked at paying the money and forced them into court.

He requests that the court impose an order requiring the business to pay him his Sh500,000 gains together with the interest that has accumulated since February 18 and extra compensation right now.

Before the hearing on May 8, Resident Magistrate Edward Otieno ordered that the defendant be served with the issue.

This is not the first time, Betika has been editing winning bets to losses. However, the rising cases have not been taken to court. Several people have complained of bet edits leading them to depression. 

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