It is now known that a few of the individuals who gave up everything and left their careers to become members of Pastor Mackenzie's Kilifi cult were air hostesses with high-flying positions in Doha, Qatar.

Ajenta Beatrice Charles quit airhostes sold her 7 Million property to join Paul Makenzie cult

Ajenta Beatrice Charles had only just become a member of the congregation, and a close companion of hers, Anna, described how the lady left her work and accompanied her parents into the temple too fast, which resulted in the untimely deaths of tens of people.

According to a Ghetto Radio story, the lady met her accomplice a few days before she travelled to Shakahola village to starve because she believed she would meet Jesus, as Mackenzie had promised his followers.

An uncomfortable-looking Betty saw her close friend Anna on April 4, 2023, and left her with a piece of jewellery that included her son Jason's picture.

"No matter what, she never removed the necklace. She constantly had it around her neck. She requested that I retain it when I phoned her back to let her understand she had left it behind," according to Anna.

That would prove to be the last time Anna saw her friend Betty since she would make futile attempts in the days and nights that followed to learn where she was.

It is said that Betty's parents, who are prominent supporters of Mackenzie's church, deliberately starved both Betty and her nine-year-old son Jason to death. He passed away in March 2023.

Constance Chao, Betty's sister, also left the armed forces to join the cult, and her husband has no idea whether she is still alive or not.

Chao's husband, Abbas, has been to the exhumation site, expecting to discover her and the rest of the family alive. "My wife too left her military job after her sister quit hers, and they left," he added.

The movements of Betty and Constance's brother Michael are still a mystery.

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