Thomas Tuchel vs Pep Guardiola match stats head to head
Thomas Tuchel vs Pep Guardiola match stats

Thomas Tuchel has been having trouble getting enough rest before Bayern Munich plays Manchester City in the Champions League quarterfinals on Tuesday.

To go one inch ahead of capturing the Champions League trophy twice, Tuchel will bring Bayern to the Etihad Stadium.

After leading Chelsea to victory over Pep Guardiola's City in the 2021 championship final, the 49-year-old lost his job with the Premier League team in September of last year.

Tuchel is now working nonstop to devise a strategy to defeat Guardiola once again.

When he considers his strategic advantages in the lead-up, the Bayern Munich manager will have disturbed sleep habits.

"I'll make an effort to retire early. I just hope that I can get some rest. "on Monday, Tuchel told reporters.

"Sleep is the greatest therapy, yet it might be hard to sleep when you are thinking about something."

"I couldn't even get myself to fall asleep this morning, so I simply made the decision to go to the practise pitch. I couldn't help but think about the game."

Having replaced the fired Julian Nagelsmann at the top-ranked Bundesliga team last month, Tuchel will face Guardiola 11 times in his managerial career.

Even while Tuchel is eager to minimise the impact of that unforgettable night in Porto, the Champions League final transcends all of their other matches, despite the fact that the German has only won three of their previous clashes.

I don't believe there's much I can learn from matches that I played against Pep in the past," he remarked.

"Pep's actions are exceptional. We'll look for answers, but to cause difficulties for the city, we'll need a thorough accomplishment."

"This final was not mentioned, and we won't discuss it now. For me, it would be really embarrassing. Now, we concentrate on our group."

After winning their previous eight games in all tournaments, City, who have already triumphed in the Premier League in four of their previous five seasons, enter the match in excellent form.

Tuchel acknowledged that Bayern was the underdog entering the match: "We have a significant challenge ahead of us. They serve as our current gold standard.

"The team has every right to be optimistic given our wins and achievements in the Champions League so far, and we must attempt to maintain that. But we want to live up to that."

"Maybe we take on the role of the mild underdog, which is OK. We'll work to maximise the opportunity. We must be assured and at the top of our game."

Tuchel says he doesn't feel any more pressure to do well when he goes back to England, where his team could play Chelsea in the semi-finals if they make it that far.

"No more inspiration is required. Being in England, teaching in England, and playing in the Premier League was enjoyable every single day. I'm glad to be back in this environment and to be myself again," he said.

"There won't be as much excitement and romantic thinking when the whistle blows." Then the race will continue till the final whistle."

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